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Concord Painting Concord Painting Rigger License NY

Getting a builder with a Rigger License NY is not easy to do.  Rigging is dangerous and often painstaking work. Only a relatively select few get to call themselves riggers. Imagine hoisting extremely heavy equipment and materials up a single story of a building; now imagine doing it again and again in the middle of New York City up the side of a 50 story building.  Rigging can be a very unsafe proposition if you are not careful and not up to snuff with all of the safety rules and regulations. That is why in NY, rigger license-equipped experts are in real demand.


NYC’s Concord Painting has its own rigger license.  NY Riggers at Concord Painting are meticulous in their job planning and execution, ensuring that the work site is safe and the public is kept out of harm’s way.  To even consider hiring a rigger in New York without a rigger license NY, is irresponsible and potentially deadly. Concord Painting employees are licensed, familiar with the building environment and the dangers involved, thus take the necessary precautions so the job gets done and nobody gets hurt.  

Rigging is a real specialty job. It's important that Licensed NY Riggers are always up to date with safety trends and methods as well as constantly updated with NYC Department of Building/OSHA code. OSHA compliance keeps the workers and general public safe where cranes, riggers and scaffolding are being used on buildings.