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Concord Painting Rigging NYC New York

rigging specialist Concord Painting NYC New York

No, we aren't talking about rigging on sailing ships although that is the origin of this term for the job, and many say art, of hoisting material up high elevations and supplying builders and painters or renovators with equipment to do their job. Without rigging, New York would never have been built. Otis invented the elevator to get people up and down multi story buildings but by rigging Manhattan building sites, the riggers made the New York City skyline possible.

It's easy to get historical and poetic about the impact of rigging on New York, but that masks the inherent danger of the job. Only the best at rigging NYC make it through a stringent apprenticeship, and the teamwork and attention to detail by every part of the team make rigging New York some of the best in the world and we are proud to have them as part of our team at Concord.

At Concord Painting, we understand the imporance of safety so all equipment is inspected before every project. Our staff is professionally trained how to handle equipment before they set out into the field. Rigging in NYC is a very important job. Without it we couldn't reach the heights of the projects.