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Concord Painting Scaffolding License NYC New York

Concord Painting's scaffolding license New York NYC

Concord Painting takes care of all your needs 'in house' with their New York Scaffolding License and their scaffolding specialists. All hanging scaffolds must comply with the New York building codes and only a licensed rigger (master or special) or expediter is allowed to apply for a hanging scaffold permit. We have the scaffolding license and the knowledge to comply with all local, state and federal requirements and ordinances for the safety of everyone involved.

We have been doing this for over 60 years and have kept up to date with the changes in technology and regulations which have changed a lot over the years.

Our 'in house' scaffolding experts protect our scaffolding license with total compliance with all permit requirements and painstaking attention to detail. We look to protect the workers at the site, the building itself, its occupants and the general public. We pride ourselves on our perfect safety record. Maintaining a perfect safety record is a big part of our long time success and good reputation in NYC.  Many businesses come and go for many reasons but safety is on the top of our list.

Take a look at our Rigging and Scaffolding Gallery to see what some of our projects look like. 

You can read more about the safety guidelines from the Scaffold Industry Association website at Remember, only use a company that has a NYC Scaffolding License so call Concord on 212-382-1100 or go to our website: